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scale2The Firm derives its name “SEADUS”, meaning pious law from Estonian language. Our clients tell us that we are often seen as the pious face of the law.

SEADUS LEGAL SERVICES is a value-based dynamic law firm delivering eminence and value to its clients. We accomplish this through pragmatic and novel legal solutions that facilitate our clients to succeed. We deliver unswerving services across platform of practices and sectors in the matters we undertake. We pride ourselves on being a forthcoming, approachable and responsive litigator firm. We aim to cut through complexity, to provide lucid, precise and insightful answers and to help the clients weigh risks and options. We balance the big picture with an eye for intricacies. We focus on what our clients need to know now, with a forward looking approach that anticipates issues before they become problems. By putting together tailored, multi-skilled, legal teams at very short notice; we offer our clients a joined-up, comprehensive response, whenever and wherever needed. SLS combines its top-notch legal dexterity and acumen with sheer fortitude to find the best resolution and to see things through till the end – no matter how demanding the time-frame or how obscure the challenge. It’s this persistence and unqualified allegiance to our clients and their cause that justly sets us apart. The firm has developed organically over the past decade working for private individuals, juristic persons, business houses, multinational corporations, banking & financial institutions, public sector undertakings, state & central government authorities, NGOs etc. As a modern, progressive law firm, SLS sets itself apart through its excellence and deliverance which is a matter of personal pride.

 In summation, SLS strive to be recognized for its absolute commitment to client-attorney relationships and service excellence, for quality and consistency of delivery across every jurisdiction and jurisprudence, where each client gets partner-level attention and expertise.

Our Approach

The firm’s vision is to put together tailored, multi-skilled, legal teams at very short notice; offering our clients a joined-up, comprehensive response and practical timely solutions.The advantage comes from a team of multidisciplinary professionals, Law Firms, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries and Management Consultants having experience relevant to a wide range of legal and financial matters.Collaborative working and innovative thinking is encouraged and supported at all levels, meaning that clients enjoy an offering that is constantly evolving and improving to meet their changing needs.The firm believes in the importance of partners’ involvement and accessibility to its clients. It also ensures that the clients are kept well informed of litigation developments on a regular basis.

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